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In Germany there are over 15 million websites! Only by creating a website has not done so. Who wants to be with his side found, they should undergo a search engine optimization. The fact is that up to the first 10 results are clicked by the users of a search engine. Who is listed on the places further back, which is hardly found. Than 90 percent of Internet users use search engines! Search engines crawl the internet for websites and store them in an index. Are you a terms in a search engine, the terms with the web pages stored in the index are compared and the search results sorted according to their relevance. The sorting of the results is done according to criteria which can be specifically adapted in the course of a search engine optimization. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Search Engine Optimization means to establish a website with frequently accessed query on the front seats well-known search engines. The optimization of websites includes a number of measures, all of which have the goal of sustainably increasing the ranking in a known search engines. We help to optimize your website for search engines! Our SEO tutorial provides on search engine optimization interested website owners helpful information and useful ton tips. As a search engine optimization is based largely on experience and we know most of the criteria by which search engines sort their results, we not only save time, but also cost effective. Benefit you the free opportunity to learn on our portal on the topic of SEO.


Crawling and indexing rich Web pages - Once sites are beyond the scope of a private home, there are many new challenges. One is that the existing contents are fully incorporated into the Google index.

Web Usability: Heard of it? - Usability (= the best possible usability of Web pages) is currently one of the most important ranking factors and is becoming increasingly important in the future. Even five years ago, I wrote an article about it.

Open Graph, Twitter Cards: Are you crazy? And how! - Some website owners get Facebook, Google+ and Twitter have more visitors than Google. In Facebook you are more permeable than on Google, at Google+ in more detail than on Twitter.

Google is testing snippet overlay on the SERPs - Google is testing Snippet overlays on the search results pages. The overlays provide additional information about the search results. The texts of the overlays are not those of the search hit

Local top-level domains as a ranking factor? - Now it seems to be ready. The global Internet governance ICANN primarily responsible for address assignment of top-level domains, has paved the way for one of the first local top-level domains

How Google’s Geosphere dry - It has become thin in the Geosphere. So at least my impression. You might think it would be on summer break. But in reality it is a smart strategy Google. The topic of SEO is getting close.

Encrypt and Decrypt in PHP - If you want to save or access highly confidential data (bank data) into a database, this should, if possible encrypt. How to do that using PHP, I want to show you. … Next

Navigation optimization with icons - It is in the nature of man to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Technically, this evolution is due to the fact that an optimal energy balance in difficult situations may be a survival factor.

Inbound Marketing: The mobile support strategy - A mobile web strategy for the company is part of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy that best serves all channels. To find them, depends on many factors

Ticket for the raffle Mobcap 2013 - The 4th Mobcap invites on 10 October 2013 back to Berlin. In four parallel tracks in the halls of the COSMOS Berlin. Also this year, the organizers have managed again to win many top speakers

Because it just very well in the current discussion fits around the question of the importance of social signals, we would like to hereby in the next edition of the `Us The web designer magazine ‘published interview on the importance of on- and off page optimization recommend it. The web designer is a professional journal for beginners, advanced and professionals who deal with the creative design of websites…

The web designer: Some years ago, off page SEO could be summarized with the phrase “It’s all about links.” is still current?

H. Hem ken: The phrase “It` s all about links “is still valid in principle, but are not” links “to what they were a few years ago. As the operator of the Google search engine have considered in the 90s of the last century it’s on the calculation of PageRank, that is, the pure comparison linking a website from other websites, constructive algorithm to rank web pages, there was no Facebook, no Twitter and no website operator who had understood how the Google algorithm works.

The operators of Google and today are faced with the challenge that “links” from social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) may constitute a criterion for a good web content and resourceful website operators have long understood that the algorithm they can influence through the targeted placement of links from Google. “It` s all about links “still true, but you should know as a resourceful website operator what good and what bad links.

The web designer: How important is off page optimization as compared to the on-page optimization?

H. Hem ken: This question is hard to answer because on-and off page optimization should always go hand in hand. Who offers the visitors on its website an unprecedented content, which fly the links afterwards likely. Anyone who thinks, however, to be content with an inferior under highly frequented search words in Google and listed near the top, which will probably never achieve this with an ever so good off page optimization.

The fact is that under high traffic search words almost every website operates both on-and off page optimization. Even the pages of Wikipedia are not “free” because where they are in search engines.

The web designer: Is that any of your customers aware?

H. Hem ken: We at SEO have only a select number of private clients and we have also focused on the provision of free information on the topic of SEO or search engine optimization.

We have found in recent years that the fundamental interest in SEO has increased, many customers actually do not know how much work is connected with it, to position a website as search engine to point to her current position has on hand and gradually according to the ranking continues to rise.

The web designer: A crucial factor is still the number of links. Should we then be put on the value or quantity of links to a good Google PageRank of its links and thus on the quality?

H. Hem ken: The PageRank of a web page has, as already mentioned only a very limited explanatory power. A website with a page rank of 5 may be related to 1000 or even of a website.

The times in which you can achieve something only with quantity, are also in the field of SEO long gone. Above-average to mediocre quality links from other websites on the same theme, regular mentions in social networks and a content which offers over other content primarily by its individuality, are the decisive factors for a successful and sustainable ranking in search engines.

The web designer: Is there such a thing as “ground rules” by which users can be directed at the off page optimization?

H. Hem ken: It is not easy to define rules for a process that quite ideally run by itself. It is important to realize that the operators known search engines do everything we can to detect “unnatural” links and are now also able to assign a link to the linked content in time. Instead no longer permanently again to push current contents with links to the top, you should consider as website owners how to enhance the natural linking its new Content “compliance with this Directive.”

Timeliness is one of the most important principles in the field of search engine optimization. Who regularly provides its visitors good website and new content that needs to be “It` s all about links “to worry about.